If you want selling your home, think in the cleaning of your carpet because it´s important.

When people come into your house, the first things they see are the walls and the carpet. Having your carpet cleaned is one of the ways to increase the interior curb appeal without spending a lot of money.

In the moment when you take the decision of sell the house, the problem is the competitive, you need to do everything that will give your house the edge over others.

Think of it, if you have a lot of kids and animals and lots of spills, having your carpet cleaned before having prospective buyers over will be a must. When you live in a house with smell–not necessarily really bad ones, just the normal ones–you get accustomed to them and don’t notice that they’re there. Having your carpet cleaned will give your house a fresh neutral smell.

If you have pet odors especially, you can almost kiss the sale goodbye. A clean carpet is the best way to make the house feel like new.

It’s true that home buyers look at kitchens and bathrooms consciously when shopping, but the carpet only registers unconsciously. Nevertheless, a clean carpet will tell potential home buyers that you have cared about your home and this will influence them whether they realize it or not.

You wondered what is the season to have your clean carpets?

For begin, we must have clean carpets all time, this is a rule because we have our family and we care of their health. Our year has12 months and many people wonder if one time of year is better than another to have their carpet cleaned.

Well, the answer to that question varies a little. It’s not just a matter of “when it looks dirty” because that is not always the only indicator. Also, having the carpet cleaned is not an activity when you feel like it, is a very important activity because it can have many bacterias and, over time, it can cause damage.

A good rule of thumb is that you should have the carpets cleaned in your home after the “dirty season” is over where you live. If you live in a Northern climate and there has been a Spring snow thaw that has led to a lot of mud being tracked in, then the end of Spring is the best time. Similarly, if you live in a place with rainy Summers, the Autumn might be the best time.

Autumn is also very a very popular time of year to get the carpets cleaned because the children are back in school and there is more free time to schedule an appointment. It also allows for the maximum amount of dry time.

As it turns out, few people have their carpets cleaned in their home during the Winter. During those months carpet cleaners are often more occupied with focusing their attention on water damage from frozen pipes.

Many people think in the environmental care so we have the solution: Eco friendly ways to keep your carpet clean.

The industry has lots of detergents and these can be very strong. In the right hands you should have no health concerns. But many household cleaners can be dangerous as well if improperly applied, which is far too often. So here are a few “eco-friendly” ways to keep the carpet fresh between professional cleanings. Use these in the correct form for keep your health.


One of the most common problem are the stains, but the tactic you use will be different from stain to stain. For example, if you have grease on your carpet, corn starch is very helpful for soaking it up.


For other way, if you have an old carpet, keeping it looking good can be a challenge. One way to rise to the occasion is to sweep the carpet well, enough to raise the fibers when they lay flat. Mix one part borax with two parts corn meal and sprinkle in. Vacuum and you will be surprised at how much more life your carpet has. Do this once a week and you can see the difference.


And for finish, a very simple but not often considered option is having everyone in the house take off their shoes before coming in. It not only keeps the dirt out, but keeps loads of other things like oil from asphalt, pesticides from the grass and many other contaminants at bay. Walking barefoot is not recommended however, as oil in the skin can work its way into the carpet as well. Slippers or at least socks are best.


Now you have some solution for maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet for longer. Try it!

Which is the best form to remove paint from carpets?

Someday we have the great idea for painting our home and maybe we know how careful we have to be. But the true is we are not a professional, we are beginners and very likely to get some paint drops here and there. It´s ok don’t panic and don´t be rude with you, it’s not the end of the world, but we have to act fast.


The majority of paint drips are easy to fix, assuming that they are not allowed to dry. Just take a dry rag, one that is at its more absorbent capacity and dab the stain gently until it comes up. Do not rub or otherwise treat the drops roughly as it will force the paint into the carpet, at which point you will have real problems.


In the case you have thrown paint on the carpet, this is a different matter. In this case you will probably need a wet/dry vac, and you will need one right away. The most important thing is that the carpet not be allowed to dry. There is no one way to do this. You might try wetting a towel down and placing it over the spill while you find a wet/dry vac. Be patient because this process can be repeated once one has been located. Wet the spot with a towel, apply the wet/dry vac, until the area has been cleaned.


Some types of paint are easier to get up than others. As you might expect, water based paints are easiest. So, if you see paint drips on your carpet, take a breath and go for an absorbent towel or use hot water with a wet/dry vac. Even if they are allowed to dry for a few days. In this can you might have to be a little more aggressive at getting the paint up. In fact a certain amount of rubbing will be necessary but everything have a solution, so you can try it.

Dirty Carpets? Here’s What You Need To Know

Do you have dirty carpets? Do you want to approve its appearance? No matter how your carpet got dirty, a professional cleaning company can help. Keep reading to discover more about the business of carpet cleaning, and figure out how you can find a good company to do the work for you.
Carpets always need vacuuming prior to cleaning. Utilize a good vacuum with strong suction power to rid your carpet of loose dirt and debris prior to applying water or solvent cleaners. If you don’t vacuum, you won’t be happy with the results. Similarly, you need to hire a professional cleaner that vacuums prior to service. You won’t be sorry you did that.

Make sure that you thoroughly understand the pricing structure for your professional carpet cleaning and be wary of cold calls. Different room sizes often make this sort of advertising irrelevant. The pricing arrangement should reflect the actual amount of space cleaned.

You may think that a carpet cleaning company only cleans your carpets; however, they usually provide other services also. Many carpet cleaning companies also offer upholstery cleaning services. Perhaps you can find some really excellent deals on upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Some carpets cannot be cleaned with harsh or carpet cleaning machines. Therefore, a carpet-cleaning company should test a small portion of your carpet a full 24 hours prior to cleaning the entire carpet. Silk or wool carpets can be damaged by harsh . If you don’t know how to clean the carpet, hire a pro.

Have a carpet cleaning company clean any new carpets in your home immediately. When carpets are displayed, they have that make them look appealing in the store. Have your carpets cleaned as soon as they are installed in your home to protect your pets and loved ones from harmful .

Let the carpet cleaning person know if they’re going to be cleaning over electrical sockets that may be in your floor. That can be a serious risk for an accident, so they want to avoid cleaning those. There is a risk to the professional and their equipment, as well as your home.

It’s best to have tough stains handled by professional carpet cleaners. Professional cleaners have quality equipment and products they can use to get rid of tough stains such as red wine, wax or blood. Their methods are much gentler to your carpet, while giving you results that you can be happy with.

Carpets can be badly stained by spilled red wine. You should immediately treat any stains that occur. First, place white wine on the red wine to dilute it. Use a cloth that is absorbent, as well as cold water, to get that feeling out of your mind. Sprinkle salt over the stain, and allow it to absorb the wine for 10 to 15 minutes before vacuuming.

As you have learned, a carpet cleaner can help restore your carpets to nearly new condition. These tips will help you choose a cleaning company and discover all they can do. Apply what you have learned in this article and you will end up with a good looking carpet.

Carpet Cleaning 101: Easy Tips And Tricks

You can try as hard as you can to keep your carpet clean, but the fact is that it will get stained at some point. If you have children or pets, then this probably rings true even more. Keep reading to learn how to find the company who will treat your carpets right.

When vacuuming, divide the room into smaller sections to make your job easier. This will allow you to see the areas that you have already went over so that you do not waste your time. If your room is square, for example, separate the room into four quadrants when you clean

If you hire a carpet cleaning service, inquire whether or not they offer any other cleaning services. These companies might clean upholstery and even offer you a deal if you get your carpet cleaned as well. You may be able to get a package deal for extra savings!

You need to make sure your carpet can withstand the carpet cleaner’s and machinery. Before you clean the whole floor, test a hidden section 24 hours in advance. The cleaning process can damage delicate materials such as silk or wool. Contact a carpet cleaning business if you don’t know how to get your carpet clean.

If you buy a new carpet, wash them once before getting them cleaned professionally. Some carpets contain preservatives to prevent them from degrading while they are on display. Promptly cleaning the carpets after they are installed in your home reduces the exposure to these that your family and furry friends have to experience.

A company may offer a certain type of stain protection for your carpet, but make sure you read your carpet’s warranty first. Certain carpets are made with a stain treatment and when you use another formula, the warranty could become voided. You could wind up paying a lot of money as a result of this issue.

Be sure any company you hire to clean your carpets has an actual address. You should be able to go to an address if any issues arise. It’s best to hire someone who has an actual street address instead of just a box at the post office.

You don’t need to settle for dirty, rundown carpets. Although carpet cleaners cannot mend damaged carpets, they can get rid of old and deep set stains. Remember these tips in order to hire a company which knows the proper way to save your carpet.

Myth About Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes, what you hear about completing a particular task contains inaccurate information. In order to clean your carpeting as efficiently as possible it’s important to ignore common myths that could actually affect the quality of your carpet cleaning. Understanding these myths will allow you to do a better job keeping your carpet clean.

Don’t wait until the carpet looks dirty. Consult your carpet manufacturer for a schedule to regularly vacuum and professionally clean your carpet. Do not wait until the carpeting looks obviously dirty before beginning any cleaning efforts. That can actually damage the carpet because the longer the dirt and dust remains in the carpet the more likely it is to literally cut away at the carpet fibers. Waiting to clean the carpeting also can affect the health of your family members and visitors to your home. Experts say a square foot of the average nylon wall-to-wall carpeting can hold more than a pound of dirt, dust and allergens and this growing pile of dirt can be particularly difficult to see with tan and brown carpeting.

Don’t let your carpet get too wet. For the most part, carpets and excessive moisture do not get along. That’s why carpet manufacturers do not recommend carpet shampoo machines. These machines allow the carpeting to become soaked, and if not dried properly, that moisture can lead to molds and fungus that can potentially spread throughout the home. Instead, carpet manufacturers recommend a regular professional cleaning treatment – usually once a year – that involves a water-extraction machine. These machines are often confused for steam machines, but they limit the amount of water sent into the carpet and can then retrieve all of that water after a thorough, deep cleaning of the carpeting is finished.

Don’t rely on carpet protectants. A scotch guard or other protective coating put down on your carpeting as a purchase incentive is only meant to add a level of protection. Stains can still damage the carpeting with this protection present, although they won’t soak in as quickly, and should be addressed immediately. It’s still crucial to address stains as soon as they occur because the protective coating on the carpeting will generally only delay the absorption of the stains into the carpet. First use paper towels and newspaper to soak up as much of the stain as possible. Then, combine a mixture of white vinegar and water and lightly brush the area, once again using the paper towels and newspaper to blot the moisture in the carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning Steps

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recommends upholstered furniture be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Why? Professional methods are more effective than DIY efforts and the equipment is significantly more powerful so it removes soil, dirt, stains and deeply embedded contaminants much more efficiently.

In general, upholstery cleaning services tend to be categorized based on a combination of the cleaning method used and preferred cleaning formulas. The majority favor steam cleaning, low-moisture extraction or dry cleaning methods, but their cleaning formulas vary widely. Some companies rely on pure steam while others favor carbonated water. Most companies use an assortment of cleaning solutions carefully formulated to perform well and comply with established fabric cleaning codes.

The skill, experience and diligence of the technicians is what really distinguishes one cleaning service from another. The best ones follow a four-stage process that includes the key steps outlined below:


  • Inspect the furniture to identify stains.
  • Test the stain and fabric fiber content to determine the best spot removal and cleaning methods.
  • Review up front any potential problems or issues.
  • Protect the carpet or floor and nearby furnishings.
  • Vacuum to remove dust and dry particles from cushions, upholstered surfaces, cracks and crevices.


  • Apply a general pre-treatment to loosen and lift soil to expedite removal.
  • Pretreat spots and stains with the appropriate compound.
  • Pretreat heavy use areas if necessary.
  • Gently work cleaning compounds into the fabric and loosen soil if necessary.


  • Use steam, low-moisture or dry cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean the upholstery.
  • Rinse and/or vacuum to extract the soil, cleaning compound and any residual moisture.
  • Inspect the upholstery and retreat stubborn stains if necessary.


  • Apply a pH-balanced solution to remove any traces of cleaning solution.
  • Apply fabric protectors, sanitizers and other finish treatments if desired.

Not every cleaning challenge requires every step, while others require extra ones or more concentrated treatments. Upholstery made with wool, silk or other natural fibers can be delicate and may require a specialized approach. In some instances, the company may opt to remove a piece of furniture so it can be cleaned in their shop.

Regardless of the steps involved, when all of them are completed, you and the technician should inspect the furniture together to ensure each item has been cleaned to your satisfaction.

What are the different types of professional carpet cleaning?

Is your floor covering looking somewhat grimy? It’s vital to know your choices before getting it cleaned.

There are five distinct techniques for rug cleaning for you to look over: shampooing, cleaning, froth cleaning, cap cleaning and boiling hot water extraction. Before you plan an administration arrangement, verify you comprehend what you’re getting and how successful it will be in your home.


  1. Shampooing

This is likely basic cleaning. The motivation behind why is that uncommon cleansers are connected to the rug, given somewhat “scour” and afterward the shampooed floor covering is vacuumed.

The cleansers have brighteners and deodorizers that leave your room noticing great and make the floor covering appear to be brighter. Then again, earth remains. It’s what might as well be called shampooing your hair without water and trusting a breeze takes away the dried cleanser and soil. You’ll soon see that the dust and stains return.


  1. Dry Cleaning

Foaming and Dry Cleaning are like shampooing. The main benefit of dry cleaning is that your carpet doesn’t get wet and you don’t need to wait for it to dry . Rather than a wet item, a special cleaning powder is dropped into the carpet to pull the dust and dirt of the floor. When the powder have attracted all the dirt then it is vacuumed away.


  1. Foam cleaning

This strategy works the same shampoo cleaning, with the exception of it uses an insignificant measure of water and foam cleanser. Both of these systems will just clean the top third of the floor covering. These can be great for maintenance cleaning. On the other hand, severely stained carpet won’t get clean by any of these two sorts of cleaning.


  1. Bonnet cleaning

This technique is utilized in offices because they have business/commercial grade carpets. Most home carpets would be harmed with this technique for cleaning. Bonnet cleaning involves applying a compound cleanser and afterward utilizing a permeable cushion on a rotational cleanser machine to remove the dirt.

  1. Steam Clean or Hot water extraction


This is better known as “steam cleaning.” You can rent portable machines, however the best are the business grade, truck-mounted equipment. This system can extract up to 95 percent of the water utilized as a part of the cleaning procedure.

Steam cleaning water extraction involves utilizing an effective machine that infuses an answer of exceptionally heated water and cleanser into the rug. The blend is then capably removed by the machine, leaving the carpets looking and possessing an aroma similar to new.

This strategy kills microbes in the dirt, and remove most stains as could be expected.

When it’s time to have your carpet cleaned, be sure you comprehend what sort of cleaning they give and how appropriate will it be for your home.

Health Benefits of cleaning your carpets

Having your carpets and rugs clean improve the appearance of your home and extend the life of your carpets but the real benefit is the improvement of your and your family health.

As indicated by the Environmental Protection Agency, a filthy rug can hold a few wellsprings of indoor air contaminations, including pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, molecule contamination, and ordinary soil and tidy. Dangerous airborne gasses can stick to these particles furthermore get caught inside of the rug. These poisonous gasses can be discharged through regular exercises, for example, vacuuming and strolling over the floor covering, which can make them taint the air in your home. Expert floor covering cleaning administrations slaughters these microorganisms through extraordinary shampooing recipes and can uproot profoundly caught poisons with powerful vacuums.

Particularly in zones with high dampness levels, filthy floor coverings are at a high danger of creating mold development when presented to dampness. In sharp climate, dampness every now and again gets followed into the home and can sink somewhere down in the floor covering strands if not dried and vacuumed instantly. Having your floor covering cleaned consistently can avoid shape and buildup development, in light of the fact that expert rug cleaners have powerful drying instruments that demolish dampness. By disposing of dampness, you can avert mold development that can be hurtful to your wellbeing if overlooked for a really long time.

Numerous homes have dust parasite infestations, yet most mortgage holders aren’t mindful of the infestation, in light of the fact that the animals are minuscule. Dust vermin themselves aren’t allergens, yet they regularly abandon excrement and body sections which are. On account of the minute size of these particles, they can without much of a stretch be breathed in when the region is aggravated, which can fuel sensitivities. Numerous expert floor covering cleaning organizations use a strategy known as steam cleaning when performing rug support work, which opens your rug to high temperatures that tidy vermin can’t survive.

If you want to get your carpets clean and disinfected call us we are here to help.

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