My Steam Green in San Luis Obispo, CA

Tired of Dirty Carpets? My Steam Green is your answer! Professional Cleaning for San Luis Obispo, CA - Carpet, Sofa, Mattress & More. Make your Home Shine Again!

Our Services

At My Steam Green, we provide San Luis Obispo, CA with the highest quality of carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Our team of experts use only environmentally friendly products to professionally clean your carpets so they look and feel like new again. We guarantee satisfaction for a job well done! Let us help you get rid of dirt and allergens from your home by giving it the deep down, professional clean that it deserves. Contact us today for an appointment or free estimate!

Carpet cleaning in San Luis Obispo, CA

Our mission is to provide a deep-cleaning, eco-friendly and reliable carpet cleaning service for your home or business. We use the latest technology in steam cleaning, allowing us to sanitize, deodorize and remove tough stains with safe and effective products. We also offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of our services.

Sofa cleaning in San Luis Obispo, CA

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of cleaning services, using only environmentally friendly products and advanced equipment. We believe in providing a service that will make your furniture look as good as new without causing any harm to our planet. With fair prices, a personalized approach, and fast results thanks to our expert team, you can trust us for all your sofa cleaning needs.

Mattress cleaning in San Luis Obispo, CA

Our services are designed to safely and effectively remove dirt, dust mites and allergens from mattresses, ensuring your family is resting on a clean surface each night. We use the latest cleaning methods combined with eco-friendly products that guarantee quality results. When you choose My Steam Green Carpet Cleaning for your mattress cleaning needs, we promise an unrivaled customer experience - superior service and expert care.

Air duct cleaning in San Luis Obispo, CA

We are proud to provide quality services that can keep your residential and commercial spaces clean. Our expert team of professionals uses the latest technology to make sure your air ducts are as fresh and clear as possible. We use green cleaning solutions to ensure a safe, non-toxic result for you and your family. Our goal is to give you the best service experience with utmost care in mind.


Drapery cleaning in San Luis Obispo, CA

Our passionate crew specializes in providing services that guarantee our customers satisfaction. We are proud to offer modern and advanced cleaning solutions that are safe for both the environment and your home. With our unique steam-cleaning process, we promise to rid your upholstery of dirt, grime, allergens and other pesky particles – leaving you with a beautiful, pristinely clean carpet or rug!

Dryer vent cleaning in San Luis Obispo, CA

We understand the importance of having your dryer vents cleaned regularly and take great pride in delivering superior, efficient service. Our experienced team uses only top-of-the-line equipment to remove lint and dust build up safely and effectively from your home's system. We strive to exceed expectations with each cleaning visit, ensuring that you enjoy all the benefits of a well-functioning dryer vent for years to come!

Oriental area rug cleaning in San Luis Obispo, CA

We specialize in deep cleaning your rugs, removing dirt, stubborn stains, and allergens from them. Our process is gentle yet effective, leaving you with beautiful carpets that look like new. We use eco-friendly products to ensure no damage or harm is done to your rugs - so you can enjoy clean carpets without any worries!

Pet orine & odor removal in San Luis Obispo, CA

We are proud to provide our clients with the utmost in professional cleaning services that use only safe, non-toxic ingredients. Our experienced technicians will take special care of your carpets and furniture while using advanced steam technologies to ensure superior results. We offer personalized services for all types of flooring, pet odors, removing more dirt and stains than traditional steam machines. Let us help you keep your home clean and bacteria free.

Tile & grout cleaning in San Luis Obispo, CA

We provide high-quality deep cleaning with steam technology that penetrates the pores of your tile and grout to remove dirt, grim, bacteria, mold, stains and more. Our services leave you with a sparkling clean surface that will look like new again! We also offer carpet cleaning for residential and commercial spaces as well as upholstery cleaning. With our modern equipment and highly trained team of technicians, we ensure 100% satisfaction every time.

Upholstery cleaning in San Luis Obispo, CA

We provide top of the line cleaning and sanitizing services for our customers with an emphasis on quality, convenience, and affordability. Our team is highly trained in upholstery-cleaning techniques to ensure your furniture looks its best for as long as possible. We use specialized tools and methods to deep clean your furniture without damaging it or leaving any residue behind, creating a safer environment for you and your family.

Water damage restoration in San Luis Obispo, CA

We provide residents and businesses with fast, reliable and professional cleaning services. Our team is well-trained to handle any kind of water damage issue in a timely manner, using the latest technology and specialized products for an outstanding result that ensures your peace of mind. With our experience and expertise, we guarantee you first-class service every step of the way.

Commercial carpet cleaning in San Luis Obispo, CA

We prioritize customer satisfaction and provide the highest quality cleaning services with modern, eco-friendly methods. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing you with top notch service in a timely manner. We use advanced technology and cleaning products to ensure your carpets look clean and fresh for years to come. With our expertise, you can be sure that your facility will remain spotless, healthy & welcoming at all times.


Residential carpet cleaning in San Luis Obispo, CA

We specialize in providing top-notch service with the highest quality of workmanship. Our team is dedicated to giving your carpets the deepest and most thorough cleaning possible, all while using green products that are safe for your home and family. We strive to bring you a sense of comfort by delivering outstanding results with each visit from our experienced and highly trained technicians.